Changing the workflow to increase creative output

It’s amazing how a change in workflow can either create or restrict an environment for ideas to flourish. Without going into detail, I’ve been frustrated by my lack of creative output, and I believe it’s down to one or two obstructions in my work flow.

If I really wanted, I could probably push through these obstacles and make it work, but the nature of side projects like this blog is their capacity to act as a release. Adding a mental burden to the process is a recipe for failure.

Instead, I’m going to tweak my workflow, writing in a slightly different style (shorter, more conversational) using a different set of tools (for example, I’m blogging this within the WordPress editor itself, rather than my usual Evernote).

This is an experiment, and it may go badly wrong; worse, it might not change anything at all. For now though, I’m happy to be back pressing *Publish*.


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