Questions about the future on a Tuesday morning

  • When self-driving cars are ubiquitous and car ownership plummets, will more people take up cycling for short commutes/enjoyable journeys?
  • What happens to all the real estate currently occupied by  gas/petrol stations when cars charge themselves in our garages or parking lots?
  • When Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality finds its mainstream applications, will we finally see the remote workplace be as feasible as living and working in a creative cluster? If so, does San Francisco suffer a real estate crash?
  • If graphene lives up to its hype and revolutionizes industries as diverse as water desalination to transistor manufacturing to tennis racquet production, who will stand to lead the way in manufacturing? What does 21st century manufacturing even look like?
  • With a population aging more rapidly in China and Japan than in the West, do we look to these places for solutions to the massive gap in caretaking needs that will be required both there and closer to home in the near future? As the jobs in mass employment shift from labor intensive manufacturing to soft skill based customer service and caretaking, what are the implications for traditional gender roles?
  • As customers demand more local food production, is Amazon the Company who will build the logistics channels?
  • Once some form of a basic income is implemented, what are the implications for the entertainment and leisure industry?

Some things I’m thinking about on this grey Tuesday morning.

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