About Ross Garlick

Who Am I?

Hi! Thanks for checking out RossRambles!

I’m Ross Garlick. I am working on living a life well-lived with my partner, KC Schmitz, and my pup, Pola.

Currently, my day-to-day involves building and running authentic spaces for community, sustainability, and delicious food in Bogotá. Mesa Salvaje and Pizza Paraiso are my existing projects.

I am interested in all things sustainability-related, and I’m invested in a more decentralized and organic, people-led future.

I grew up outside of Manchester, England. I graduated from Fordham University in 2015. I was an Investment Banking analyst and associate at JP Morgan from 2015-2018.

Please contact me! Email: rossgarlick [at] gmail [dot] com // Twitter: @rossyg92.

Why Blog?

This blog was born out of a desire to document some of the more coherent and cohesive chains of thought I develop on a semi-frequent basis. My ego kept telling me that my ideas and opinions were insightful enough to warrant a wider audience, and I justify the broadcasting of each post by touting the blog’s enhanced accountability.

Once the blog began, it soon became apparent that RossRambles was now the most prominent and personal digital representation of the real-world Ross Garlick. I want to convey my messages and opinions with the utmost clarity, so I am using this blog to improve my writing.

Finally, I blog because of the feeling of satisfaction and pride that accompanies each new post, and the conversation it often initiates. It helps me feel better connected with those I know and love and introduces me to interesting people with overlapping interests.

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