About Ross Garlick

Who Am I?

Hi! Thanks for checking out RossRambles!

So who is Ross Garlick? I’m currently a Credit Risk analyst at J.P. Morgan’s Investment Bank in NYC, following my graduation from Fordham University in 2015. I am passionate about sustainable impact, community development, technology, karaoke and craft beer. I love to meet people who are exploring what life has to offer, and engage in discourse, leisure and adventure.

If you’d like to contact me, either email me at rossgarlick [at] gmail [dot] com or tweet @rossyg92.

For a more abstract (read: boring) sense of who I am have a look at my resume.

Why Blog?

This blog was born out of a burning desire to document some of the more coherent and cohesive chains of thought I develop on a semi-frequent basis. My ego kept telling me that my ideas and opinions were insightful enough to warrant a wider audience, and I justify the broadcasting of each post by touting the blog’s enhanced accountability: knowing that friends and family are following my thoughts helps to keep me disciplined in posting on a regular basis.

Once the blog began, it soon became apparent that RossRambles was now the most prominent and personal digital representation of the real-world Ross Garlick. I want to convey my messages and opinions with the utmost clarity, so I am using this blog to improve my writing skills, the mastery of which is rapidly becoming a lost art form.

Finally, I blog because I feel an immense amount of satisfaction and pride with the completion of each new post, and the conversation it often initiates. It helps me feel better connected with those I know and love, whilst introduces me to other people whose passions burn just as brightly as mine.

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