Memes > Attention > Community > Real Value.

The new masters of the universe are those who control the latest and greatest memes. Meme virality combined with the increased financialization and tokenisation of digital assets (including social media presence) has brought about a radical change in the way we form, build, and leverage the power of online communities, and it isn’t going away. … More Memes > Attention > Community > Real Value.


After years of expensive education,A car full of books and anticipation,I’m an expert on Shakespeare, and that’s a hell of a lot,But the world don’t need scholars as much as I thought. Maybe I’ll go traveling for a year,Finding myself, or start a career.I could work with the poor, though I’m hungry for fame.We all … More TwentySomething

Balaji, Tim Ferriss, and The Pseudonymous Economy

I am halfway through the epic 3 and a half hour Tim Ferriss podcast with Balaji Srinivasan, the content du jour throughout my twitter feed. And sure enough, it’s a really interesting podcast! One of the takes that caught my attention was the idea of the pseudonymous economy – the notion that in the near-future … More Balaji, Tim Ferriss, and The Pseudonymous Economy

The Murky Moral Obligations of Small Business Owners in a Time of Crisis

The last 3 months have been a test of my personal and business philosophy like no other. A near constant reevaluation of the situation globally and in Colombia brings with it a constant reevaluation of wisdom of the decisions we’ve taken regarding our small business – an all day cafe in Bogota. We initially felt so … More The Murky Moral Obligations of Small Business Owners in a Time of Crisis

A Recap of WeWork’s almighty implosion

I have some thoughts about WeWork. But first, I wanted to recap the We company’s implosion to commemorate it’s supernova-esque size and speed, as well as to celebrate the play-by-play commentary as narrated by Bloomberg Opinion’s Matt Levine, which will go down in Financial Journalism history. It was a daily spectacle for 3 short months, a … More A Recap of WeWork’s almighty implosion

A Tragedy in Bogotá

The authorities are doing the right thing. Public Health is one area in which private markets and individuals must take a back seat and allow the government to take all actions necessary for the greater good. But drastic actions have drastic consequences, good and bad. Today began a 4 day lockdown in Bogota with only … More A Tragedy in Bogotá

An Ode to the Williamsburg Bridge

She’s an unconventional beauty – her cool, icy exterior; her raw strength and colossal presence; her willingness to reveal her complexity and the constant burdens that weigh her down; her tattoos and her take-no-bullshit attitude. Her functional-industrial aesthetic is born from necessity rather than design, but today fashionistas from Paris to Tokyo seek to replicate her … More An Ode to the Williamsburg Bridge