The upside is there for the taking.

We live in an age of Kickstarter, Patreon, Substack, Shopify+Etsy, Twitch, Anchor+Spotify, TikTok, ProductHunt, AngelList, and new Web3 creator tools like NFT platforms (OpenSea, Rarible, KnownOrigin, FTX, and soon to be Coinbase),, and DAOs. 

We live in an age where there are insane amounts of capital looking to be invested in people doing interesting work, especially in the climate tech / crypto space, two areas of huge personal interest. 

The upside is there for those willing to grab it. Individuals and small groups are able to create value on a larger scale than ever before, and capture large chunks of that value creation. 

I want it. To date I have worked in areas with limited upside – a white collar job and a restaurateur. I need to think bigger. But do I have what it takes?

We will find out soon enough.

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