I am the virus: COVID edition

So this morning I tested positive for COVID-19. After dodging the virus since it first infected my barista and then my fiancé last July, it finally caught up with me. My only symptom for now is a lack of smell and taste as well as a light headache that I attribute more to my lack of caffeine today than COVID. Let’s hope it stays that way over the next 10 days as I isolate.

I feel slightly stupid that I hadn’t already flown to the US to get myself vaccinated, and bummed that Colombia is in the midst of it’s biggest, deadliest wave of COVID yet while the US/UK are entering their summer of love. But I’ll get through this and hopefully use it as a chance to see how much my physical presence is actually required at my restaurants. If things go smoothly I might actually find myself coming out of the other side with 2 fully functioning restaurants that require minimal input from me *fingers crossed*.

Meanwhile, I have finally been given the chance to enjoy two of the three R’s that make me happy (reading and (w)riting), so I’m committing to writing and publishing something each day I’m in isolation, and I just bought some new and classic sci-fi  (Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir, and The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guinn) to keep me engaged.

There’s also some good sports action with the NBA playoffs in full swing and the Euros starting this Friday. And there’s always something new in Cryptoland to learn about or understand more deeply.

My lack of taste and smell has already caused frustration as I attempted to enjoy what I know to be a delicious Mesa Salvaje salad. I could feel in my mouth the textures and a bit of acidity from the vinaigrette, but I was left totally unsatisfied because it had zero flavor. Where’s the Soylent when you need it?!

If you are interested in chatting in the next few days, I’m very available haha.

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