Brooklyn Summers

Let me tell you about my weekend.

On Friday evening I walked three blocks down to the farm on the East River to watch the sunset over Manhattan. After the sky had blackened and KC had showered from her yoga class, we took a bottle of Malbec down to the Korean-French BYOB hole in the wall we were yet to try despite our one block proximity; two hours and three dishes later we were cursing ourselves for not having eaten there earlier, so delectable was the food and delightful the ambience.

On Saturday morning I ran 13 miles — across the Manhattan bridge, along the East River, by the UN plaza, and back across the Queensboro bridge. In the early afternoon KC and I headed North to Greenpoint, where our friend was having a party at the Brooklyn Barge Bar before she heads out to Grad school in Edinburgh. I initially knew ~10 people there, but by the end of the afternoon I had increased that number to 14 or 15 — we drank and we laughed with the relaxed freedom of twenty-somethings without obligations. A quick Uberpool ride back to South Williamsburg and KC and I were back at the farm, this time to attend a craft beer festival with 13 of New York’s finest local brewers: Sixpoint, Other Half and Threes Brewing were the standouts. We met KC’s director from work and her husband, recent NYC transplants from London, and enjoyed comparing cultures as the evening faded into dusk.

I tell you about my weekend not as a way to boast or brag. I have Instagram for that.

I tell you this because I am trying my best to appreciate just how amazing life is, and how fortunate I am to be living a life filled with food, friends, love and joy. While I take life in its stride, and enjoy the serendipity that comes with that, it is very easy for me to take for granted the simple pleasures I encounter every day or weekend. This post is about recognizing the little things in life:

Low key backyard BBQs on Sunday evenings. Watering the plants and seeing our Cayenne Pepper plant produce more peppers than we know what to do with. Reaching the crest of the Williamsburg bridge on a Citibike and reveling at the sight of the city skyline as the bike gathers speed for the downhill.

Mid-afternoon walks to Bryant Park from the office, stretching the legs and refreshing the mind. The first sip of a cold brew from Toby’s or Konditori. Deciding where to go for lunch with the TMT team.

Concerts in a sweaty Irving plaza. Sunset subway sets at Brooklyn Grange. The midnight walk home across the bridge from the LES.

The massive sunflowers at the farm, whose optimism is only eclipsed by Ryan and Henry, the farm’s lovable co-founders. Being teased by Kate from the Yoga studio about how often (or little) I attend class. Waking up from a nap and seeing the sun, streaming through the window, dance on KC’s restful face.

Brooklyn summers. These are the golden days.

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