The Miracle of Medinah, and the Great, Great British.

There are numerous topics I’m sure I will stumble through as this blog progresses, but one of the topics I’m most interested in documenting are some of the differences between various aspects of culture in the US as opposed to the UK. I will probably wade through heavy topics such as politics and economic stances knee deep, making up facts and quoting anonymous sources left right and center. I will also have a go at some lighter topics, such as wondering why Indian food isn’t a big deal here (nothing beats a good Jalfrezi in my mind), and wondering how and why I never learned about any British history between James Watt’s invention of the steam engine in 1770, and the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1837 (didn’t miss anything important, did I?).

However, following the “miracle of Medinah” yesterday in the Ryder Cup, today’s agenda is sport, and just how great it is to be a British sports fan right about now. As Martin Kaymer sunk a 15 ft putt on the 18th green, ensuring Europe retained the trophy, I was simultaneously fist pumping, yelling triumphantly down my hallway and taunting my American roommates (who, by the way, didn’t care in the slightest). Read More

The upcoming problems for AirBnB in the US… and how to fix them

Inter-railing around Europe is usually the domain of students trying to “find themselves,” or attempting to seem cultured when they tell their friends they have visited the Louvre, Prague Castle or other grandiose symbol of Europe’s rich history. I went inter-railing around Europe attempting to do just those things, but I came away with something that may (I hope I’m right in saying this) actually be of interest to people: namely, an understanding of issues facing AirBnB; issues that need addressing if AirBnB and other asset-sharing businesses are to achieve their ambition of changing how we as consumers, consume. Read More

Welcome all

This is not an attempt to become famous and wildly successful. Rather, this is a place for me to vent and document the constant stream of crap that comes out of my head and mouth. 

I doubt there will be any coherency to the blog posts: one day I may be proudly celebrating my love for the UK, the next sharing a picture of a furry puppy. Let’s enjoy the ride!

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